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GCP Group invests over a plethora of sectors: Facility Management, Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Trading and E-commerce. Towards this end GCP Group has entered into Trading and Real Estate funds with a view to offer investors access to the rapidly growing market sectors in Dubai in a seamless and transparent manner. We plan to keep on diversifying our portfolio into other growing sectors of the economy. GCP Group thrives on private sector finance and management with environmentally and socially responsive practices, to build up cash flows during the investment term and capital gains at exit.

GCP Group invest equity in a ‘buy, build and transfer’ cycle with a 5 year term and yields current income as a function of operating cash flows, plus capital gains at exit. The guiding principle of GCP Group is cash flow to investors and long-term benefits to communities and businesses.

Real Estate

Historically, real estate investments have proven to be valuable portfolio diversifiers when used in conjunction with traditional equity and bond portfolios. Exposure to real estate investments may also help offset the effects of inflation through potential capital appreciation and dividend growth. GCP Group has bifurcated its real-estate division into Brokerage, Management, Value Engineering, Maintenance and development arming ourselves with the expertise to capitalize in Dubai’s real estate market.